August 21st, 2008



Yesterday morning I pulled a card with the question how I could enhance my day. I did not understand the card that came up, and I forgot about it. It was Man (Knight) of Wands from the Gay Tarot. 

But yesterday night, a long time after the card was drawn, I  woke up and lay awake for hours.That day I was treated by a therapist for posture whom I did not knew yet. She suggested a treatment and I said “No, I’d rather not that you do that, I a have friends who can do this”. (It is not a totally safe procedure that she suggested.) Then she suggested another, safer treatment which should have the same effect, but would take a little longer, a treatment I had never heard about.  So we started out to do this one. I felt very uncomfortable once we were underway. It crossed my boundaries in a big way, but I did not think to say “No, stop!” That was why I was awake during the night. In daylight I was not aware that it had affected me so much.
On waking up I this morning I remembered the card again with the policeman on it, who could have enhanced my day. Policemen are really good in protecting boundaries, and saying “No!”

It adds another layer on yesterdays' card as well, the card that I had drawn to look back on the day. It's theme is defending oneself. 

I try to defend myself here with the umbrella. 

angel on couch by

A Calendar

The card of the day that I pulled for subject of work today was Four of Swords from the Gay Tarot. 


I like this card. It is dreamingly soft and tender. Although I did work hard, it felt also as a day of rest. I have many different workshops and courses this autumn and I am afraid that on a bad day I will forget one. So I downloaded a calendar today that sends me an email on the days of my activities. It also sends me an email when I must go to the copy shop to multiply the workbooks I need. I can rest assured now.