August 25th, 2008

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A Lost Card

I did not make it to writing an entry last night. I found out that I’d lost a card from my favorite deck of Inner Child Cards. 


I have several editions of this deck. The cards from this edition are slick and glossy and I like that kind of cards. I bought them secondhand without a book. I looked everywhere for the card but I could not find it. After that then I searched franticly on Abe Books and on Amazone to find an old deck, but I do not know when my edition is released. I let it rest for now, who knows I find it, but next week I will take action. 
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Work Done

The creative work for the Inner Child Cards course is finished. I learned a lot from making spreads based on the symbols on the cards. Now I have finished it I have more room in my head, and I can start something new. There are two things on my list. Finding a subject for a "one card workshop" of three quarters of an hour as an introduction in the centers I teach, and planning a workshop for a convention of dreamworkers.

Well, well, here I am looking at my field, which is prepared, and ready for plants! It is the Two of Wands from the Gay Tarot.