September 13th, 2008



Again very tired in the head. My card that sums up my day is the Emperor from the Gay Tarot. There are many stage images in this deck, this is one of them. 


I like this take on the Emperor, a friendly and powerful figure. This combination is rare in decks. He is something of a sponsor, a benefactor, which all the advantages and disadvantages that are connected with that.

I was working on the building of my empire today as an Emperor does. I tried free software for making a newsletter, because I want to make one with links to my website for spreads, and for the announcement of courses and workshops. I’ve found software that is very nice, called Sendblaster. It has won many prizes, but the disadvantage is that it has not a button in each letter to un-inscribe, and I want subscribers to be able to do that. I found another one, not so fancy, that has this feature in each letter. That is the one I am going to use. I've sent the first letter to myself and it worked.

I felt lousy and tired and weak. All this virtual making-contact-stuff made me feel in need for real contact. I live next to a mill and today it was a special day at the mill. They served pancakes and were open late. The neighbours were invited in the evening before closing time, so my day ended with a coffee with the millers and neighbours.