September 20th, 2008


Spread and Ritual for the Autumn Equinox (Mabon)

These are some of my cards of a spread for the Autumn Equinox in a simple ritual to make the passage towards Autumn. 


The cards are from the Transformational Tarot. I started with eating a slice of bread that I baked myself. After each bite I pulled a card with the question what to be grateful for and in a visualization. You could call it a Gratefulness Spread.

The slice of bread was inspired by a ritual of James Wells for Lammas. He did it in a group and did not use cards in it. In turn each one broke the bread, ate a piece of it, said what he or she was grateful for and passed it along. I remembered it, because I liked it so much.

This is what I did after the Gratefulness Spread to make the crossing to autumn.

1.I Imagined a lovely place in the colors and atmosphere of the autumn.

2. After that I pulled a card for my heart desire. I received the Dreamer (Fool) from the Transformational Tarot, a wonderful card to receive for my heart desire. Such innocence and sweetness on this card, so pure, so much freedom and bravery. 


3.Then I took (a part of) the image and placed it in the scene of the autumn and, made the scene really beautiful and nice to be in.

4.This was followed by looking at the cards from my Gratfulness reading. I chose figures and things on the cards that symbolized what I was grateful for, what I wanted to take with me (6 objects). I saw these as the things that make life good, but also as instruments I can use to come closer to my hearts desire.

5. After that I gave the figures and instruments a place around me in a visualization. That was lovely. Placing all of them around me and saying why I took each one with me. I trusted that they came with me, I did not think of it after that.

6.Then I visualized a broad path before me towards the scene of the autumn with my heart desire in the middle. I set out and I arrived at the scene. I enjoyed my heart desire for a while, and the colorful leaves, and left to arrive in my room again.