September 26th, 2008



For a second day in a row a dove on my card. The card pictures the marriage of Mary and Joseph with a dove hovering over them. Funny again. Today I was in Den Bosch, in a cloister for a meeting with a network of feminist theologians. We talked about places where meetings could take place in that neighborhood. One of the places mentioned was called ‘ZJM’. We wondered what that meant. It meant the ‘Zusters (Sisters) of Mary and Joseph’. That is such a mouthful , that it is just called ZJM. Here, in my card are Joseph and Mary again. 


The meeting was a cloister of the Sisters of Charity. It was their headquarters. It is a big congregation, spread out in many countries. We sat a big round table in their main meetingroom. On that table were little flags from many countries. It felt if we were ruling the world sitting there. In the hall were clocks depicting the time in the different countries, so everyone could see when it was night in a country and nobody would call or sent a fax during these nightly hours.

One of the meanings of this card is passion, or a fertile situation. It was a restart of this network. I liked seeing people today I had not seen for a long time. 

Dutch documentary about the Sisters of Charity