October 5th, 2008


Door to the River

My card today is inspired by a painting by Willem de Kooning: “Door to the River” (1960). 


On the painting is a door. Behind that door is probably the river. The door is surrounded by bright yellow. The door itself looks as if it is closed, but I am not sure of it. I like the bright yellow. It invites me to go through the door.

The question for my card was “What is my doorway to the river?” The card I received is Six of Staves (Wands) from the Ancestral Path Tarot. It is not for the first time this week, that I have pulled this card. I’ve pulled this card in a dream spread earlier this week from the RWS. 


The card pictures the celebration of the victories of Ramses ll from Egypt. As a charioteer he drives through the street an bystanders wave with plumes. Whatever obstacles I fear for, the doorway is open and I pass it without difficulty on my chariot with my three horses. This card is yellow, just as the bright optimistic yellow that surrounds the door in the painting.