October 7th, 2008

juwelenkist, vanitas

Wouter Bos, Financial Minister and St. Barbara

A long time ago I had a dream about Wouter Bos, right now our minister of Finances, but back then a promising party leader. Right after this dream I wanted to use a photo of him for a sun card in a tarotdeck. It has never come to that, but I often think of it, when I see him on television. 


He nationalized a bank last week en the week after that, he sold the Belgian part and hold on to the healthy Dutch part. I never thought that he would come in this postion.

I pulled a card tonight focused on his name. The card I pulled is the Tower from the Saints Tarot. 


Pictured is St. Barbara who was held in a tower by her father because she did not want to marry. She stood firm in her wish, died by the hand of her father and became a martyr. 

Here is Wouter Bosch on the cards as Barbara, striding purposeful and gracefully in white, while holding a disintegrating tower (economy) in his hands.