October 12th, 2008

angel with girl

Touchstone Tarot

Yesterday I have taught a workshop on dreams and tarot in Amsterdam (in a centre called de Roos) for the Society for the Study of Dreams. I liked working with them very much. They were open, kindhearted and I had much fun with them. I went with Lidy. Together we teach the courses on tarot and dreams here in Heerenveen; we practiced the workshop with each other and in our dream groups beforehand.

We did bodywork with the tarot before my workshop, which was a wonderful experience. I got to pull a card from the Touchstone Tarot, a new deck by Kat Black, who designed the Golder Tarot. Jeanette, whom I know from the tarot congresses in Holland, had taken them with her to show us. I loved the deck. It is stunning, very beautiful, much softer and feminine than the Golden Tarot. The mother of Kat Black made the bags for the deck by hand. It was just lovely knowing this detail while pulling the cards from the bag. I drew Strength. I liked and needed that, since it was before my workshop and I did some profound bodywork with it, which made me grounded and in contact with my fear as well as my caring nature, and I shared some of it in movements with someone in the group (who by coincedence also had drawn Strength). Meeting Jeanette again was great too. I had not seen her for quite some time and we met her already before it started while finding the way to the centre.

Just for the record, I practiced the workshop with my husband too. He pulled his first card ever: Judgement.