October 27th, 2008

girl with pumpkin

My Owl Qualities

Today I look into my qualities as owl. The owl is one of the animals that belong to Halloween. Right now I am delving into the animals and figures that belong to Halloween. An owl is seen as a wise animal. Further, it hunts in the night. It can turn its head almost in a circle, they have a broad view. Owls are far-sighted, and are unable to see anything clearly within a few inches of their eyes. They live as solitaires.

My question is: What are my qualities as owl, how am I as owl?

The card that I have pulled is Temperance from the Halloween Tarot. On the card an owl sits on the head of the witch. 


This card reflects my attitude in a situation in which I acted with with self-control. The card is a compliment. It is the wisdom of the owl that  connects me to the owl today.

I like reading with this deck. The cards are funny and friendly.