November 15th, 2008

juwelenkist, vanitas


I have pulled the Star from the Inner Child Cards as the theme of my day. 


On the card a boy throws a golden coin in a well. Golden coins were a part of my day. I traveled by train and made a spread about St. Nicolas (about the Annunciation too) during my journey. St. Nicolas helped impoverished daughters financially, so that they could marry. I did not notice it beforehand, the story proved to be a legend about the value of material good, about the real coins, the importance of preserving it, and do good things with it. Very nice.
Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Saint Nicolas


Saint Nicholas came in the country today. He passed our house very close, in in a boat. We stood on a little bridge over the canal, as we do each year, to welcome him in. He will be staying here until the fifth of December.

I just remember now I need to put the shoe of my daughter near the window, so Saint Nicolas can put a present in it. She has forgotten it.