December 3rd, 2008


The Same Cup

Yesterday evening my husband had a meeting with teenagers from different religions. There was a Torah scroll and my husband had taken the silver cup and plate we use for the Eucharist. My husband told the story of the last supper, how Jesus and his friends came together, shared bread and drank from the cup.

Then a boy of twelve asked: “Was it this cup, this one here, that Jesus and his friends used?”

With his words he said exactly what the Eucharist is about. It is the same cup.
burdens like raindrops

O Holy Poverty

The excerpt that inspires the card for today comes again from the First Letter of Clare of Assisi to Agnes of Prague (1234), and is about poverty, just as yesterday’s card. Clare of Assisi and Agnes of Prague dedicated their lives to poverty.

“(15) O blessed poverty
that provides eternal riches to those who
love and embrace it!

(16) O holy poverty,
to those who possess and desire it, God
promises the kingdom of heaven and, of
course, gives eternal glory and a happy life!”

(17) O pious poverty
that the Lord Jesus Christ, who ruled and is
ruling heaven and earth, and who spoke and
all things were made, deigned to embrace
before anything else!”

Yesterday´s card helped to explore what poverty is to Clare and what it meant to her. The card of today explores what poverty is to you and what it means to you. (Compare this card to yesterdays’ card and the card of day 1 to see if they are related.)

What is the blessed, holy and pious poverty to me, and why is it, or could it be of importance to me?

The card that I have drawn is Ten of Wands from the Victoria Regina Tarot. 


The man on the card has a lot to carry. The pens on his back are Wands, all talents and expectations. My high expectations of myself wear me down. Holy poverty is humbleness to me (in the good sense of the word), less high expectations of myself.