December 6th, 2008


December 6, Divine Vocation

For Agnes, as for Clare, the chief cause of opposition was poverty. The current pope, Gregory IX, wanted Agnes' monastery to accept profit from a hospice she had earlier founded, while the current Franciscan leader, Brother Elias, supported her in her refusal. (From the website: Other Women’s Voices.)

Clare supports Agnes in her Second Letter (1235-38) in her rejection of profit from a hospice, by urging her to remember her vocation, the reason why she started all this. Clare and Agnes wanted to live in poverty. They wanted to live from what they received from the community, not having anything of their own. What they received they gave to the poor. Their lifestyle is a consequence of their founding purpose. It is their vocation; it is was what they longed for when they entered and established their monasteries.

“(10) But because one thing is necessary, I invoke this one thing and advise you, by the love of him to whom you have offered yourself as a holy and pleasing sacrifice, (11) to be mindful, like a second Rachel, of your founding purpose always seeing your beginning.”

The cards for Day 6 to 12 focus on your own special divine vocation. The question of today is:

What is my founding purpose, my divine vocation?

Compare the card you receive here with the cards of day 1 and 3. (I'll not do that right now.)

The card that I have drawn for my special divine vocation is Four of Disks (Pentacles). A four poster bed is pictured in an empty room. Above the bed is a painting that brings into memory the High Priestess of this deck. 


This card is the opposite of yesterdays’ card. Christ’s vocation (what you could call poverty which was the subject of the card, becoming human) is wandering, while mine staying put. It is the first time that I consciously think about the subject of vocation, and to be honest I do not feel uplifted by this card. It is boring and empty, enclosed. There are no diversions, what so ever. It looks like a prisoners cell or a cell in a convent.

The card must show something that I really and honestly like and what go for, because it is my vocation.

I will be blogging 6 days about this subject, so I start writing about it today, and maybe add stuff later in other entries.

I love my own room in the house, it has an atmosphere I like. I love being in my working place as well, which has not my atmosphere, but is a chaotic attic with a stuffy library, and I am always alone there. These are the places where I am most connected with the divine, not in meditation, more in an earthy way, through the subjects I work on. I am not focused on heaven or anything while working. I find it more in the depths of myself, in what is touched in myself through the spreads I make, or in the material for my lessons tarot I develop, focused on psychology and spirituality.

This is not really an answer, it does not say what my vocation is, but it is a start.

Vocation Again

These are the themes of the Four of Disks (Tarot of the Crone) for me, the card that I have pulled for my vocation yesterday. I sum them up, in order to understand the card in releation to the theme of vocation. 


· Feeling safe

· Having a place here

· My own space

· The need for privacy

· The need to draw boundaries

· Living inside strict boundaries, for example my Christian religion but…..

· the freedom to fill this room with my own things, in my own way (stones, stories, prayers, saints, cards, angels, scents,
seasonal things).

· The freedom to reinterpret my tradition. Living within it, but working it through, making it my own, so that it is of value to me.

· The need to go back to my own inner room to focus myself, knowing that what I do must come from my very own centre

Before I knew it I had pulled a clarification card from the Inner Child Cards for my vocation: Seven of Hearts (Cups). 


Seven of Hearts is very much the same card as the Four of Disks. It is also greenish and shows an enclosed space. A mermaid sits in a temple in at the bottom of the ocean, beaming out yellow. It is a Cup, not a Pentacle and the mermaid is a difference, although you can compare the mermaid with with the figure on the painting above the bed on the Four of Disks. Seven of Hearts is about connecting with the abundance of the divine in our hearts. It is a lonely and cold on the card, and I do not like it.

....The theme of my vocation…coming back to myself, and making a connection to the divine within.