December 8th, 2008


December 8, What to Keep Doing

In the same fragment as we read yesterday, from the Second Letter of Clare of Assisi, Clare tells Agnes to keep doing what she is doing.

“(11) (…) What you hold, may you continue to hold,
what you do, may you keep doing and not
The cards for Day 6, to 12 focus on your divine vocation. The question of today is about what is necessary to keep doing and not stop, because it is connected to your divine vocation.

What to keep doing and not stop (connected to my divine vocation)?

I started out pulling my card from a deck I was not planning to use, the Tarot of Jane Austen. I did not look at the card, and pulled a second card from the Tarot of the Crone, but of course I came back to the first card from the Jane Austen Tarot after pulling the second card from the Tarot of the Crone.              

My card from the Tarot of Jane Austen is Two of Coins. 


The challenge of this card is to adept, or keep balance, while physical aspects of my world are changing. That is indeed necessary for me. I need to keep doing that.

The card from Tarot of the Crone also carries the number two: Two of Swords. 


The figure that looks into the mirror and sees itself, but in a different way, not quite the same as the figure itself. What I need to keep doing is staying open for new thoughts (in self-reflection). This aspect resembles the challenge of ‘adaption’ to new circumstances of the Two of Coins.
The other thing that I need to keep doing, according to this card,  is looking for meaning and underlying structure in how I conceive myself and the world. My pitfall for instance is that sometimes I can be negative about myself (underlying structure), which determines the way I look at things, and what undermines me. This aspect is related to need to keep ´balance´ of the Two of Coins. 
Clara met monstrans


Tarot works in mysterious ways. In my last entry I pulled a card with a mirror on it (Two of Swords from the Tarot of the Crone) with the encouragement to reflect on myself and the way I look at the world, being open to new thoughts. 


As it happens the mirror plays an important role in the letters of Clare of Assisi. Very strange.

The following comes from the Third Letter (11-14):

O Lady most beloved in Christ, joy of the angels, and crown of your sisters. (12) Place your mind in the mirror of eternity; place your soul in the splendor of glory; (13) place your heart in the figure of the divine substance; and, through contemplation, transform your entire being into the image of the Divine One himself, (14) so that you, yourself, may also experience what his friends experience when they taste the hidden sweetness that God alone has kept from the beginning for those who love him.

This is a quote from the Fourth Letter about the mirror (15-18):

(15) Look into this mirror every day, O queen, spouse of Jesus Christ, and continually examine your face in it, (16) so that in this way you may adorn yourself completely, inwardly and outwardly, clothed and covered in multicolored apparel, (17) adorned in the same manner with flowers and garments made of all the virtues as is proper, dearest daughter and spouse of the most high King. (18) Moreover, in this mirror shine blessed poverty, holy humility, and charity beyond words, as you will be able, with God's grace, to contemplate throughout the entire mirror.

In both instances the emphasis is on the shifting awareness, new and other thoughts, when reflecting on oneself looking in the mirror, just as on card of the Two of Swords from the Tarot of the Crone.