December 16th, 2008

Clara met monstrans

Mirror of Eternity

One this day, one of the shortest for Christmas, a day on which we are huddled inside in the confinements of our living rooms, we read a passage from Third Letter of Clare in which she encourages Agnes to see herself in the mirror of Eternity. From day 16 to 20 is the focus on the following excerpt.

(11) [Let] not (…) bitterness and confusion envelop you, O Lady most beloved in Christ, joy of the angels, and crown of your sisters. (12) Place your mind in the mirror of eternity (…).”

Clare urges Agnes not to be bitter and confused, but instead to place her mind in the mirror of eternity, to see the huge and spacious eternity reflected as an image of herself. The question for today is:

What if I place my mind in the mirror of eternity?

My card is Ace of Swords from the Victorian Romantic Tarot. The question was about the mind, and surprisingly I receive a sword card. 


If I place my mind in the mirror of eternity, lightness comes over men and clarity. I playing, while my sword lies peaceful beside me.

And also: creative thinking, new ideas and sudden insights come to me in these moments. I have got this from the book that goes with the deck. I like it, because often I have many new ideas, sudden insights and creative thoughts. Sometimes I rebuke myself for it, it makes me  passionate. But no, I should not do that, it happens in the moments I place my mind into the mirror of eternity.