January 14th, 2009


Milk and Butter, Card 5

Candlemass is coming, and Imbolc. I am doing a spread about Brigid, goddess and Saint of Imbolc and Candlemass.

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Today I have drawn the card for the fifth question: My prayer for abundance. The card that I have drawn is Temperance. 


I do not get it, and I do not like getting Temperace (tempering, seeking the middle way) as my prayer for abundance! Hmmm..

My mind says: I need to find a middle way between the need for ‘being recognized and outer things’ (Nine of Pentacles, Card 2, 'the poor' in me) and going for the ‘deep and profound’ (Hermit, Card 4, the 'household'), but my heart is not in it. That is exactly the problem: the poor part (Nine of Pentacles) stays poor, needs attention. How sad! 


Maybe I see Temperance differently in the morning.