January 21st, 2009


Lake of Milk, Card 2

It was an important day for the world today, A new era has begun.

I'm working delving into Brigid of Kildare, saint and goddess from Ireland. She belongs to Candlemas. I am using a story for my spread.

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Today I have read the card for the second question: How can I follow in Brigid’s footsteps, and ‘milk my cows’, in such a way that a lake of milk could be created, in other words that there is more than enough.

A week ago, when I promoted my courses in a spiritual centre in Groningen, someone asked me if there was a card I did not like drawing. It was the card that I have pulled today, the Four of Pentacles from the Victorian Romantic Tarot, that popped into my mind. 


This woman sits on her money, and is very inflexible. The only thing I like are he floor and the roses on it. This card shows me the way though to create abundance. 

Interesting cards, the card of yesterday and today, food for thought.