February 3rd, 2009


Lake of Milk, Card 4

It is snowing, that belongs very much to the time of Goddess and saint Brigid. I am doing a spread about her, inspired by a story. 

storyCollapse )

1.Whom/of what do I have nothing to offer when they come visiting me? The card can show people, or aspects of myself or others. It can be someone or something I really like; it can also be someone I dislike or it can be a shadow aspect of myself.
2.How can I follow in Brigid’s footsteps, and ‘milk my cows’, in such a way that a lake of milk can be created, in other words that there is more than enough.
3.I hated my card, so I did pulled an extra card with the question: What do I need to work on?
4.The result (read the card positively).

Today I have read card 4, the card for the result. If I focus on my work and value that, something I do in card 3, eight of Pentacles, it becomes easier to appreciate the woman on Four of Pentacles, which is the way to 'milk my cows', to create abundance. 


The result is another four, the Four of Wands: much joy, energy, and me with others on stage. I love the enthousiasm, the spirit and the happiness on this card.