February 4th, 2009

Madonna del "Magnificat" (detail)

Her Cloak on a Sunbeam, Card 1

Today I start an other spread about Brigid of Kildare, Goddess and saint.

Once, when Brigid was wandered far from home to feed her flock in a wet season, she was caught by a rain shower that made her soaking wet. When she arrived home in a soaking cloak she mistook a sunbeam for a pole, and threw her cloak over it in order to dry. Amazingly, the sunbeam supported her wet cloak. A bishop who saw the incident was impressed. His servant tried the same thing, but the soggy cloak from the bishop fell in a puddle.

1. Where I am, having wandered far from myself.
2. The rain that falls on me there; grief and sadness that comes over me, making me soaking wet.
3. When a sunbeam takes over my grief and sadness, and I come home in myself.

Today I have read card 1: where I am, wandered far from myself. Three of Swords, from the Victorian Romantic Tarot is the card that I pulled. 


I am tired, vulnerable, quickly on the verge of crying.

Story from Amber K and Azrael Arynn K. Candlemas: Feast of Flames, Llewellyn, 2003.