March 2nd, 2009

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Lent, Monday, First Week

The card of today is inspired by a question about the wonderful story in John in which Jesus at a wedding turns water into wine, because there is not enough wine. My question is: Which water do I want to turn into wine?

I have pulled the Grail Hermit from the Arthurian Tarot as an answer. The card makes me headachy. I miss a center in this card and I do not like the man. He seems false to me. For the Hermit is purity and honesty crucial (his sign is Virgin). Hmmm, how to relate this to my life? 


I feel sidetracked from what I want to do at the moment. I want to change 'falsity' (the water in the miracle) into purity (the wine in the miracle) and the lack of a center (water), into having a center and acting from that (the wine).