March 20th, 2009

pink rose

Lent, Friday, Third Week

How can I be truly free? This question is derived from a saying of Jesus in John.
I pulled the Ace of Swords from the Victorian Romantic (not for the first time). 


I can be truly free by feeling the freedom to pick up the sword and make my decisions based on…based on what…on what I want. Hmmm..don’t know exactly how to put that in words.

This angel on this card looks a little bit like Caroline Bennett, on the Lovers card from the Jane Austen tarot, the card I pulled yesterday. Caroline, standing at the window, is light and lovely and airy as well, just as the angel on Ace of Swords. 



This afternoon I had the uncanny experience again that I divided people into pairs with the help of colored stones they pulled from a bag, and that they were already sitting next to the person they were paired with through the stone. (the one with the same stone is one you pair with) .