March 26th, 2009

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Lent, Monday, Fourth Week (Second Entry)

Yesterday I pulled the Hanged Man from the Fey Tarot as an answer to the following question: How do I meet Jesus (in what appearance)? The question was inspired by the miracle at sea, in which the disciples are saved by Jesus. They see him coming in a huge storm, walking on the water and suddenly they are on shore. It is a very dramatic story.


The fish on the card is Jesus. Fish is what Jesus is called by the first Christian: Ichtus. ἰχθύς

This particular fish is red. In the fish - which is how Jesus appears to me -  I meet my anger. So, meeting Jesus, means seeing my anger. Not at all. I meet him in that that what is the most difficult to live with.

I do not mean this in a moral sense: “You may not be angry”. It is more in the sense of accepting it. That is belongs to me.


Lent, Wednesday, Fourth Week

My card of today is an answer to the question: How am I bread that gives life? This question is inspired by words of Jesus in John in which he says that he is the bread that gives life. As bread Jesus shares his body. I received Two of Cups from the Fey Tarot. 


I am bread that gives life by showing who I am and sharing what I experience in my life. A thing I often forget; it is a lovely reminder.