April 4th, 2009

Clara met monstrans


Today I got an email from the public library that a book had arrived. I ordered this book on Thursday and today it is Saturday. It had to come all the way from Utrecht from a university library. Libraries are wonderful things.

I wanted to buy the book, I looked at Better World Books and found a link there with the suggestion that maybe I could borrow the book from a library in the neighborhood. I clicked, Worldcat came up, a worldwide catalogue of libraries, and almost immediately I knew it was in Utrecht. Awesome.

I had had a funny conversation with the librarian while ordering the book. The book is called “Living the Incarnation; Praying with Francis and Clare”. “Incarnation”, he said, “Is that not something you do, you just reincarnate, you live or you do not live, you cannot choose to reincarnate while living already cannot you?” The word incarnation is a technical term referring to the becoming human of Christ, but it took me a while before I could say that. I have just read a book about environmental theology. In this book the whole earth becomes Christ who suffers, and is suffering right now from pollution. The whole of the earth is the incarnation of God. Suddenly I thought it was really wrong and politically incorrect to say…”Yes, well, the incarnation refers to God becoming human, 2000 years ago…”. But eventually I came up with the right words, which were: “God”, “human”, “2000 years ago”.
rain on window

Lent, Saturday, Fifth Week

Today my question is “What makes that my eyes see, my heart opens, and I heal?” It is inspired by John, who quotes Isaiah.

I have drawn a card from the Tarot of Jane Austen, Ten of Quills (Ten of Swords). I thought I never pulled it before and I scanned it, but I have


Shown is Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. Darcy, whom she loves, walks away. She has informed him that a man called Wickam has eloped with her sister Lydia. This means societal ruin for her sister and for her. She is distressed, and thinks she will never be able to marry Darcy. All ends well, but she does not know that right now.
I planned less classes in the following season, and I have raised my prices. I want to write a book for reading the Bible with the instrument of tarot, but the book seems far away in a distant future. I still first have to prepare two new courses for next season. It all feels uncomfortable, as an ending with no real sight at the future.  

What makes that my eyes see, my heart opens and I heal? Give in to this situation and accept it as it is. Maybe blind eyes are needed here, they’ll see.