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I had an interesting run-in with a spider last night. Due to the strangely hot weather, there are much bigger spiders in The Netherlands this year than usual. My friend Sophie told me about them yesterday. They scare her, and she meets them all the time. 

I had not seen one untill last night. I could not sleep (one of the features of fibro...), and I was sitting quietly in my husband's study. Suddenly I saw it running. It ran away too fast for me to catch it, and in fact I did not dare to fetch it because, according to Sophie, this kind of spiders bites. They had said so on television (don't know if that's reliable.) urbpanwould know. I have never done this for a spider, but I propped my feet up unto the chair. That became uncomfortable after a while, so I did put them on the ground again. After five minutes or so, I looked under the desk. There it sat, ten centimeters away from my bare feet, wiggling his hairy legs. 

I do not want to tell what I did with it.

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