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Workshop James Wanless

I have been to Amsterdam today for a workshop of James Wanless, the creator of the Voyager Tarot. Visiting a workshop from him years ago made me enter the tarot world. I learned a lot from James, his approach to tarot, the ease with which he makes spreads, and the way he works with groups. I forgot my camera. There was a colorful market nearby (Bos en Lommer Plein) and of course I had wanted to take James’ his picture. James had travelled extensively in the last two months. He had been to Taiwan, Hongkong, China and today was his last day in Holland from a month long stay. Right now he is on the plane back home to California.

The workshop was in an atelier. I like the atmosphere of paint and unfinished works hanging around. It was an easy-going, free flowing, nice day. These the cards that I pulled in the morning.

For something to be curious about (as a Child, a Page) I pulled the Moon. 


I almost never pull this card. I see it now as the need to become more attentive to cycles, the cycle of activity and rest, of growing and harvesting for instance, and also the cycles of womanhood, growing older.

I pulled Time-Space (Judgment) for my ‘Sage’ quality, for my knowledge. 


My knowledge is having vision, a big vision (outer space, beyond). It was strange, while drawing the card I sat in a sunny spot already for some time which, at the moment, makes me feel headachy and ungrounded. That felt just as this card. The balloon is right at the spot of the headache. This was an interesting synchronicity. 
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