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Shadow Spread

Yesterday I did the Shadow Spread (by Christine Jette) in preparation fort the Tarot and Dreams Group tonight, because this is this spread is what we will do.

My shadow is the Wheel of Fortune (picked from the Major Arcane). It was hard to interpret it, (that prepared us for tonight!) but taken together with the Moon from the Voyager Tarot, the card that I had pulled in the workshop from James Wanless and the rest of the shadow spread, it became more clear. 

The other two cards were Four of Cups and Page of Coins. The Four of Cups (drawn from the Number Cards) tells in which area I meet my shadow. It is in the area of ´yet another thing which is presented to me`. Another course to prepare? Another spread to create? 

The Page of Coins (picked from the Court Cards) tells where the shadow shows itself in my personality. I meet it in the Page of Coins. This is need for study, and the need to create things. I look at it rather delightful: 'A new wonderful creation!' 

What I do, creating, creating and creating in the field of the search of meaning is the need of my moon together with Jupiter in house nine. It makes me feel good. It is shown by the Page, who looks admiringly at his wonderful pentacle. But…sometimes it feels like too much, all this creating. That is my shadow, the Wheel of Fortune, pinpointed in the 4 of Cups. My shadow is that I cannot stop, that I do not listen to cycles, what the Moon in the Workshop by James Wanless told met too. That is hard for me. I remember that this issue came up last year in the same period. 
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