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Yesterday I went to the party of my friend Simone, who has celebrated yesterday that she is a Franciscan nun for 40 years. Actually she calls it: "walking for 40 years in the footsteps of Francis and Clara."

A year ago she started cross-stitching this mandala, in order to be able to meditate on those years, and relive them. The mandala represents the 40 years. This version here is unfinished. It looks different now it is finished, more joyful, but I do not have a picture of that. The mandala served as the altar-cloth during the service. 


Working on the mandala made her aware of shining pearls in the often difficult times in her first years. There was a poem about pearls in the worship-booklet, related to the story about Moses and the burning bush, the story which was read during the service. It is called "The Bright Field", by R.S. Thomas. I know this poem since last summer, but I did not know it from her, nor that she would use it.

It was just this poem I had to fetch yesterday from upstairs for my husband minutes before I left for that party! Such a coincidence. He wanted it to use it in his sermon about Moses and the burning bush.

I had planned to use the poem as an inspiration for a card today in my blog, because my husband likes it so much, and uses it in his sermon today. 

Again a coincidence.
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