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Midsummer's Dream, Card 3

The third card position the Midsummer’s Dream Spread is called: “The Need for Protection”. It shows vulnerabilities, or what blocks my heart’s desire. If I like the card, it describes what to keep and nurture. 


I pulled Stone Nine from the Arthurian Tarot. It is my favorite card of this deck. It shows spirit animals who are protecting me. That is cool, and is certainly something to keep and nurture. I do not feel very, very protected on a physical level. On Saturday the rubber ball I used to sit on exploded while sat on it, that was quite a shock, I ended on the floor suddenly, and a week ago I have twisted my knee, which still hurts a lot. Probably the tarot tries to ease my worries about my fear of tripping and falling over and exploding balls.

On another level this card shows the hidden helpers and totemic beings who bring me to the inside of me in my solitary moments. Yes...they are there and help me out! 
Tags: arthurian tarot, nine of pentacles, spread: midsummer's dream

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