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Midsummer's Dream, Card 4 (again) and 5

I’ve read Card 4 from the Midsummer's Dream spread not as I should, the card that I read the day before yesterday. 


I’m meant to read this card with the question if I am on the path to fulfilling my heart’s desire or if I need to go in another direction, taken in account the need for protection. Seeing the card, with the Grail Maiden I am on my way to fulfill my heart desire. 

Today I have drawn a card 5, called “Paying Attention to Intuition”. I have drawn Spear Nine (Wands). 


The card indicates my receptiveness to the inner voice of wisdom. Again am a little bit at loss with my interpretation. It is a defensive card. One spear takes it all, the winds and the storms and the invasions. On the one hand intuition does warn and sees problems, but on the other hand I am mayby too defensive, thinking I am attacked all the time, which is an illusion, not true.  
Tags: arthurian tarot, nine of wands, spread: midsummer's dream
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