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Spread for Midsummer

Yesterday I celebrated Midsummer, accompanied by Lauren who read the magazine Cosmogirl. It resulted in me answering questions about tank tops, and hearing remarks about celebrities during the celebration, all the when did my reading and the other things. It was funny and it made me realize again how she is growing from girl to teenager.
My reading in the ceremony.

1. Healing
The first card drawn for what I could heal this summer, was Eight of Cups. I pulled this card from the ten number cards of the Cups (the Cup cards correspond to the summer in the Golden Dawn system). What I can heal is doing my own thing, walking my own spiritual path. Often I doubts about that, so that is something that needs healing. And… I saw myself literary back on the card walking with a hurting knee, helped by a cane. 


2. Freedom
The second card showed freedom (freedom belongs to summer). I have pulled Strength from the Robin Wood Tarot for this position. I need to have courage for doing my own thing, for my own spirituality. 


3. Adventure
This card is the position for Adventure. I have pulled Nine of Pentacles. I am standing in an enclosed garden, cannot go very far with my knee. My adventure is harvesting what I put in the earth to grow earlier, and letting my spirit soar in the air (bird) It helps healing because I can build my (spiritual path) on things that I have studied and gathered earlier. 


4. Energy
I can renew my energy this summer by enjoying harmony in my family. I’ve pulled the happy family card, Ten of Cups. 


This a very, very magical Magician. Willing and daring and doing: That is how I will flower this summer, and that will help to to make it easier to follow my own individual spiritual path. 


I love the spread. Made it myself. I was very uncertain about picking “what’s to be healed" from only 10 Cup Cards. But it works. 
Tags: eight of cups, magician, midsummer, nine of pentacles, robin wood tarot, spread, strength, ten of cups

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