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The Mouse, The Rooster and the Fly, card 1: Colman

I start a little spread today based on the characters of a story about an Irish Saint, St. Colman Mac Duagh. Each day I pull a card based on a character.

Colman wished to imitate the life of Jesus Christ in the wilderness. So he lived in a remote cave and had remote possessions – apart from his Bible.

Reading these words –while being very, very tired- I wonder, what is the part of me that wants to imitate the life of Jesus Christ in the wilderness?

I read with the Tarot of Jane Austen and the card I received is Three of Coins. 


Pictured is Emma from the book Emma who draws a portrait of Harriet Smith, her friend. The scene on the card takes place in a refined garden. Behind her is Mr. Elton, who is making suggestions. The drawing is much prettier than Harriet herself. Emma tries to make a better, more refined and sophisticated woman out of Harriet, and the drawing symbolizes this. 

The part of me that wants to imitate the life of Jesus Christ in the wilderness is that part that wants to ‘better’ myself: make me a ‘better woman’. It could be that this 'lets-be-better-part' in me sets unrealistic goals, like the drawing that Emma is making of Harriet is too pretty. 

If this is the case - and it probably is - I need to do this imitation of Christ differently. But I should not be too critical about it. It is a card of learning too, making mistakes and learn from them.
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