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The Mouse, The Rooster and the Fly, card 2: the Mouse

I am doing a spread about a story, pulling each day a card for each character in it, seeing these characters as parts of me. The story is about an Irish saint Colman who wants to live as Christ in the wilderness. The card I received for the character of the saint is Three of Coins from the Tarot of Jane Austen, depicting Emma drawing her friend Harriet. In her drawing she copies a prettier, idealist version of her friend. The part of me that is this saint, is me wanting to improve myself. I did not like this at all. And I wanted to ask another question, but no…that is quitting.' 


On to the second card. In the wilderness the saint gets help from three animals: a mouse, a rooster and a fly. The mouse wakes Colman each night by gnawing at his bedclothes and nibbling his ear, so he would rise up and pray, and then go back to bed. My question was what the mouse did for me in my quest following Christ, living in the wilderness. The card I got is Seven of Quills from the Tarot of Jane Austen. Pictured is Mrs. Norris from Mansfield Park, stealing fruits. 


There is much to say about mrs. Norris, but what is important me here here is that she talks, acts -and steals- from a sense of emptiness, feeling lacking. The message of the mouse who nibbles at my ear, tells me that I feel an emptiness inside that I fill up with stealing things, copying things, saying things which I are not really mine.

I am on an odd track here. But I persevere, see were it takes me.  
Tags: saint, seven of swords, tarot of jane austen

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