ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

The Mouse, The Rooster and the Fly, Extra Cards

Before I continue my spread about Colman, the Saint who wanted to follow Christ in the wilderness and is helped by a mouse, a rooster and a fly, I pulled two extra cards.

For the mouse, the second card, I had pulled Seven of Swords. On this card Mrs. Norris steals something. The underlying reason for this is that she feels emptiness inside. The mouse tells me that I am stealing. 


I wondered what I am stealing… My first extra card told me that. This card was obvious. It was the Lovers… I am lacking love and stealing it. 


I also pulled a card for which I seek. I loved that card. It was Two of Wands from the Tarot of Jane Austen. Pictured is Susan Price from Mansfield Park. 


Susan did not have the opportunity to go as her sister Fanny to a nice place to live. She lived during her youth in difficult circumstances, financially and spiritually. But Susan is spirited and wants to grow to become more herself, more how she is meant to be. So…that is what I seek.

(This is not copying like Three of Coins (card 1, following Christ in the wilderness), wanting to make some one else of myself, there is much more honesty and sincerety in this card. Fanny wants to learn Susan something, but she does not want to alter her as Emma does with Harriet.

On to the rooster in my next entry.
Tags: lovers, seven of swords, tarot of jane austen, two of wands

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