ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Lady of the Hunt, Card 1: Fool

I start with waxing moon spread called Lady of the Hunt from Christine Jette. I have asked: “Tell me what I need to know about the course I am working on at the moment.” The first position is called “This begins Your Project or Relationship”. It tells me what I bring from the past into this new situation.

I have pulled the Fool from the Tarot of Prague. 


I laughed loudly when I saw this card. One morning during a the train trip to Amsterdam I got the idea for this course. I proposed it in the afternoon and it was ok. There and then it came to life, very fast. And now, more than one year later, I am still working on this course to make it happen. Each new lesson again is a leap into the blue. 
Tags: fool, spread: lady of the hunt, tarot of prague

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