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Lady of the Hunt, Card 2: Ten of Wands

I have read Card Two of the Lady of the Hunt spread by Christine Jette from her book Tarot for all Seasons. This is a spread that belongs to the waxing Moon and is about the start of new projects. The second card tells me something about what shapes my project. It tells about outside influences, significant events and other people who have a bearing on the situation. I have drawn Ten of Wands from the Tarot of Prague. Depicted is a puppet that holds a bunch of oversized wands in his arms. He has just climbed a long way of stairs. 


My project is a course in the making. In the course are many elements that I need to give meaning to, and which I must combine to one thing that has some logic in it. I already did a big part of it. This is the last part. Hence the stairs that the puppet has climbed. Here I arrived then, with all the my unburned wands, each one interesting in its own right, as each element of this course is interesting in its own right. The puppet is carrying the sticks in an awkward way. Sometimes the combining of all the elements feels awkward. I am happy that I pulled the Fool yesterday. It can only be done in a foolish way, by stepping right into it, by just choosing an element or a theme that seems the most interesting one and what does not feel too awkward when I put the other elements around it.

Tomorrow I will pull an important card: the card that says what is at the center of my project.
Tags: spread: lady of the hunt, tarot of prague, ten of wands

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