ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Lady of the Hunt, Card 4: Three of Wands

Tonight I picked the card for position 4 from the Lady of the Hunt spread, a waxing moon spread about starting new projects. The card tells me what my project, which is course I prepare, needs. My cards was Eight of Pentacles. It shows the fence of a balcony in Prague. Craftspeople are put in the fence. I've never pulled this card and I like it. 


This card symbolizes craftmanship, hard and diligent work. This is so very, very true regarding my project. 

This card makes a nice contrast with the big view of the Three of Wands, the challenge and opportunity of my project (Card Three). 

Tags: eight of pentacles, spread: lady of the hunt, tarot of prague, three of wands
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