ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Dream, Rollercoaster

I had a dream. This is the story: I sit in a pub outside of town next to a huge rollercoaster. I wonder where the rollercoaster starts. I ask the person who serves there and he says that the rollercoaster starts in town. 

I wanted to know what this dream was telling me. 

I worked with the image of the rollercoaster that starts in town and ends at the pub. First I scribbled down some associations with the rollercoaster: fastness, homesick, loneliness, ' amazing'  and transportation. By doing that I realized that I dealt in the dream with my feelings about my daughter growing up, leaving primary school. Suddenly a teenager enters the room instead of a schoolchild! It dawned on me that until now I defined myself as the mother of a child, not of a teenager. 

After that I took out the Universal Tarot and pulled two cards about this dream.

The first card I pulled from the Majors and shows the big process the dream is about. This card is Death, showing me that I am dealing with inevitable change with which I am not yet comfortable with. 


The second card tells me how I can grow in this situation. This is Ten of Cups. 


On the forefront is a little stream. The people are standing behind it, suggesting they crossed it. This accentuates that this is the beginning of a new phase, as does the number of the card, ten, an end and a new beginning. I can grow by not being afraid and welcoming the future that lies ahead. I knew that already, but it does not sink in easily, otherwise I would not have dreamt about it. 
Tags: dream, lauren, ten of cups, universal tarot

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