ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Dark Goddess Spread, Card 9, Transformation

I have arrived at the last card of the Dark Goddess spread. I skipped days in my blog because I did not like the spread and found the cards difficult to interpret, so I am glad that this is the last card. This card is the possible future. It shows the gifts of the crone that are still in the dark. 


I pulled many cards while I was in Driebergen, and when I went home, I put the cards that I had drawn back in the pack. The result is that for this position I have pulled a card that was already in the spread. It is the Empress, based on the fairytale about Cinderella. The Empress is a mother card. This card accentuates that the spread revolved mainly around me being a mother of a new teenager and me growing older, coming in new phase of life. One of the reasons that I did not like the spread was that this theme was so prominent. Often I thought…not again…cannot be THAT important…is it? There are other things on my mind!? What the card exactly tells, what the future holds, I do not know, but it has to do with me in the role of mother. 
Tags: empress, fairytale tarot, spread: dark goddess

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