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The card I picked today as card of the day is Six of Pentacles from the Tarot of Prague. 


This card is about sharing. The card pictures a woman who gives bread to beggars. Bread is literary an important theme for me at the moment. I have been very busy the last few days with writing a ritual for the festival of Lammas with a spread, for on my website. In this festival bread is important. Oatmeal and wheat and barley are harvested right now. Today I have uploaded it

I gave my daughter oatmeal cookies to share today, the ones that I baked yesterday, for her holiday camp in the woods where she goes to each day this week. I felt like a ‘real good’ mother, giving healthy, self-made cookies. 

This card is right on top for today
Tags: card of the day, six of pentacles, tarot of prague

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