ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Sizzling Attic

My card for the day was Strength from the Tarot of Prague. 


I persevered writing a harvest spread sitting in an extremely hot attic while having doubts about why on earth I had to write yet another harvest spread. I searched and searched in fairytales, stories and feasts for hours until I found a something that was liberating and healing to base a spread on. I am happy that I did it and overcame my doubts, my other harvest spreads are about the hard work of the harvest. This one is inspired by the growth of grain, which happens naturally, without our interference.  

I forgot an appointment today and I had to look and find all the serenity I posses to get over that. I’ve met Strength in that too. 
Tags: card of the day, strength, tarot of prague

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