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It is a quite sad kitten this one, lying on the roof, with a paw over his eyes. I have got it as the answer to : "One thing to be, one thing to do today." I have pulled the card from the Baroque Bohemian Cats’ Tarot. 


I’d rather not acknowledge it, nor give in to it, but it is true: I do not feel too well. I did not sleep well, my heels hurt, because I have danced a few days ago (it is the fibro), and my stomach hurts as well (fibro again). I cannot stand this all. Lot of things to do today.

At least on the card hope is dawning, because the sun comes up.

Well, I need to accept the fact that I am not feeling well today. What I must do is ask not too much from myself. Then the sun will rise higher and higher, I hope.
Tags: baroque bohemian cats' tarot, ten of swords

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