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King of Swords

This morning I pulled a card with the question how to enhance my day. I‘ve drawn the King of Swords from the Arthurian Tarot as an answer. 


I was up to my ears in researching one of the Hebrew letters for my course on Psalm 119 and thinking up an assigment for letter/Major Arcane card/stanza of the psalm. It was just like Derrida again (PhD thesis), which is bad, meaning feeling extremely stressed. Funny thing is, the Chassidic way of thinking is a bit like Derrida: many paradoxes and world play. The card that I pulled helped me greatly, did not have it back then. It told me to stand above the material and explain it in my own words, take the matter in my own hands and thereby taking the risk of not saying it right. 

Furthermore, the King is sitting in an airy place. There was a lovely sweet scent outside today and I was taking it in all the time. That is great for feeling good and helps a lot with centering. I'm ready now. One down, two cards/stanzas/Hebrew letters to go.

This evening we went to the Dark Knight. Thrilling. Wonderful music, wonderful Joker. 
Tags: arthurian tarot, card of the day, king of swords

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