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Oh, again this card. I pulled the Four of Cups from the Tarot of Saints tonight to look back on the day that is almost past. I pulled this same card a few days ago on the feast day of Clare of Assisi. The message did not came through that night. The card pictures the Annunciation. 


I am terribly happy, because I finished the creative work for the course on Psalm 119. Today I worked on the last stanza of the psalm in combination with the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the letter Tav, and the tarot card the Fool. I also baked a wonderful bread with raisins, and cleaned out a cupboard. I was awake at six, worrying.

I think the card means that there came some grace in stagnant situations (brought by the angel). I have struggled with the psalm for a long time. I loved and hated it. The creative and mental work was immensely intense. It made me often feel very tired and strange in the head in the past few weeks, and the bright sun of the summer shining in my eyes made it worse. But I had to do it. There is no time in the autumn. And the cupboard…hmmm, it needed a cleanout for years (it was stagnant so to speak...flower of the angel is a lily for purity).

I think and hope that having finished the psalm gives me air to breath (and ground to walk on, not feeling strange in the head anymore).
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