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The Fool from the Tarot of Jane Austen is the card that I have pulled to look back on my day. I was surprised about the card, but not after I thought about it for a little time. 


I finished the last course of psalm 119 yesterday, so today is a new beginning, but not such a big one… 

I spent the day with my daughter and mother. The three of us bought a Nintendo DS for my mother who wants to train her brains. This is new stuff for me. But no… there is more. 

Theme of the day was again my daughters new school. Tomorrow is her first day, we had to buy some things for her and we tried to fasten her rucksack on her bike. That did not work out so we bought a metal thing to attach the rucksack to. She found this thing ‘nerdy’ in the beginning of the summer, but now it is necessary it was ok. Although it is not me that is going to a new school, it is also for us parents the beginning of a whole new area, a fresh and new beginning, a leap in the unknown. 

On the card is Lizzy Bennet pictured who walks to a house full of treachery. A school and a class is certainly not the same as this, but in puberty is the peer group and how to behave, what to say and to do and what to wear very important, just as in the society Jane Austen writes about. 
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