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Through the Hoop

To look back on my day I have pulled a card from the Gay Tarot. My card is Strength. 


For the first day in weeks I felt better and more energetic. No burning sun today, and no one home for a long time during the day. I bought a soup to celebrate my day alone.

My daughter jumped trough the hoop of the first school day. The mass of children all going through the gates of the school scared her, and she cried a bit because the children did not play games during the breaks. But all in all it was a fine day. She sits next to someone she likes, what she learned was interesting, and the teachers were friendly.

When she was away this morning Coen I were left behind flabbergasted about having been so involved and engaged in the whole process of the new school. For us it was like the challenge of a burning hoop too. 
Tags: gay tarot, lauren, strength

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