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Horn of Plenty


I used the Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot again for my Card of the Day; I pulled this card with the intention: "one thing to be and one thing to do today", and I received: Ace of Cups.

Cups are about feelings, and Aces about new beginnings. On this card we see a little kitten coming out of a vase, a horn of plenty. For me today it means that I need to look at myself with new eyes. I am being harsh on myself the past few days because all of my 'wrong-doings'; worrying and repeating them to myself all day. I need to see that is ok to make mistakes. (O dear, I can hardly type this down, there is a big part of me that does not agree with this at all).

Quite a challenge this card. 

Tags: ace of cups, baroque bohemian cats' tarot

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