ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,


I did a daily reading of five cards: work, home, the unexpected, and my role in it all. The outcome card was the Tower (from the Gay Tarot). 


The focus of the Tower in this deck is ‘unwelcome truth’. The scene looks as if a boy is telling his parents that he is gay. The day was not that dramatic, but still the card is right on top. Early this morning I discovered that I had still work to do for lessons I thought I had already done, and I to my shock I also realized that I planned an extra course, which I should not have done as a mother. My role - my attitude- to the events of the day was Death. 


I do not recognize Death. I was glued to the computer far too long to get things done, alle the while worrying about my poor arms.

Maybe I am not open enough to the card to relate to it.
Tags: card of the day, death, gay tarot

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