ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Today's Blessing


This evening I have pulled a card with the question: "What was my blessing today?" I am almost too tired to type. Cannot find the words. I have been to a dinner-party.

Our computer did not work well, the software for the scanner was broken, and the printer is also not working. With us, it takes normally a long, long time before we fix such things. But today we have asked help very soon after the scanner broke down. Right now we know what is wrong with the printer, and the scanner works again.

That is a blessing. The Ace of Swords depicts this. We took a firm decision (as sharp as a sword) and called for help. Aces signify new beginnings. We got some clarity about a new computer, one for me (hard to believe still, after all those years without typing and getting pain from it). This is certainly a new beginning.
Tags: ace of swords, baroque bohemian cats' tarot, blessing of the day

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