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The card in my daily draw of five cards that I pulled for the "Unexpected" was the Star from the Gay Tarot. On the card a male figure hovers above a village.

 I liked the Tower and the Four of Swords and Three of Pentacles (did not post that one) from the Gay Tarot very much, I do not like this one. Maybe I am so used to women on this card that it is difficult to relate to a male figure. To me he resembles the djinni of the magic lamp of Aladin. 

What I like is that there is a village with a church on the card. I think the town and the church resemble narrowmindedness, but by the way it is drawn it does not have to be necessarily so. It the ambivalence I like. It is a friendly deck.


Now, what is my glimpse of hope? I am busy. Just as yesterday I discovered yet another thing that I need to prepare for next season of classes. The Star represents in this deck 'a glimpse of hope'. Although I did discover having to do more than I had expected I had a fairly relaxed morning and I was happy with that. A more tangible glimpse of hope is that the work I am doing now is going faster than I thought. And although I felt lousy my knee hurted less than yesterday and the day before, and that was very nice.

All five cards in my daily spread were Majors. Remarkable. 
Tags: card of the day, gay tarot, star

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