ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Again the Policeman

I have pulled a card to look back on my day. Just as last Wednesday I have pulled Man of Wands (Knight) from the Gay Tarot. 


Last week I interpreted this card as setting boundaries, but today I see it more as “getting things done and having a day filled with many different things”. The deck teaches me to read the card in different ways,  this time another more truly knight of wands interpretation. With my co-worker Lidy I finished the preparations for our dream class reader. I’ve been to two copy shops for three different jobs. One large job is finished and the copies look very nice. My friend Margreet is in hospital overnight. She had difficulty breathing and went to the ER. They make a scan of her lungs tomorrow and I visited her. I had to be in hospital, which was a big coincidence, because a colleague of my husband held a reception. I also went with my daughter to a bike shop to repear her bike. Her bike was broken in an accident with another biker in her class. They did not know which way to go, and their bikes collapsed into each other. Lots of crying on coming home. It is a new bike. 

This evening we went to the school of our daughter to talk to her mentor. She is friendly and experienced.
What a day! 
Tags: card of the day, gay tarot, knight of wands

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