ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Focused on my Work

I have drawn a card to look back on my day. I went to church this morning and for the rest of the day I worked concentrated to put the form for subscriptions on my website. 


I made an extra webpage and searched for fitting pictures. It was focused work and I was alone for the biggest part of the day. You can see this on the card, the Two of Swords from the Gay Tarot. I felt better than yesterday and the day before, but I still have the blanket against the sun before the window, so that the sun cannot shine directly in my eyes.

What is not on the card is the church, or it must be the telephone, as the connection to the outside world. There were many people in church this morning since it was the first Sunday of the season. We were there already at eight o’clock for a breakfast and drank coffee afterwards. My daughter was so sleepy and tired when we arrived I was tired too, and Coen had a broadcast in the afternoon in the middle of the country, but it was very nice, there was a friendly atmosphere, and we talked the whole breakfast with the people next to us. 
Tags: gay tarot, two of swords

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